What if you could restore your EVs range to its pre-towing range or better? That's precisely what Colorado Teardrops says the all-new Boulder teardrop camper is capable of.

Cars lose plenty of range while towing, and this is a big issue for EV owners who plan to tow a camper out into the wild. We've talked a lot about projects like this, and this isn't the first time we've seen something in the works.


We previously reported about a home-brew solution a guy made. The homemade T-Rex camper connects to your EV while driving and makes it look in the car's computer like you've got almost twice the range. That's not the case with The Boulder, but that doesn't mean it's not capable or useful. According to a recent press release:

"Colorado Teardrops is announcing its new patent-pending teardrop camping trailer designed for use with Electric Vehicles (EVs), The Boulder™. This new model will increase an EV's range and make the adventure of camping even more accessible to owners of EVs.

We estimate The Boulder™ from Colorado Teardrops will restore EV ranges to their pre-towing range, or better."

The Boulder comes loaded with batteries to recharge your EV's battery pack. According to the press release linked below, you can simply use a "DC Fast-Charging connection" to charge your EV on the road or out on the trails. However, we didn't find that same detail on the Colorado Teardrops website, so we'll have to reach out to the company for clarification. What's more, in order to help reduce range loss, the innovative teardrop camper uses strong, lightweight materials, as well as an aerodynamic design that reduces drag.

The Boulder features comfortable beds for a family of four, a dining area with couches, electrical outlets, and an exterior kitchen out the back. You'll also enjoy interior climate controls and an outdoor, hot-water shower.


The normal list price for The Boulder is $55,000, though the company is taking reservations now and including a $10,000 discount on the base model. Upper trims also have discounts ranging from $1,000 to $7,500.

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