This very unique story actually has two videos. The most important part is seeing the quickest production car ever built – the brand-new Tesla Model S Plaid – face off against the McLaren 600LT. However, how it all happened is arguably more interesting.

The videos feature Parker from Vehicle Virgins, as well as Brooks from DragTimes. Nothing like a solid way to get the word out to a wide audience. DragTimes is a popular channel among racing aficionados, and especially those with an affinity for Tesla. Vehicle Virgins now boasts over 2 million subscribers, and it covers all sorts of cars, though most are of the sporty and quick variety.

As you can see from the video above, Parker says Brooks rented a brand-new Tesla Model S Plaid from Turo. Since Parker hasn't yet driven, much less even seen the Plaid in the flesh, he jumps at the opportunity to check it out. Parker is driving a 900-horsepower McLaren 600LT, making comments like, "You certainly can't do that in a Tesla Plaid." Perhaps he's talking about the deafening noises coming out of the McLaren inside of a tunnel?

The Model S Plaid now starts at $129,990 after a recent price hike. According to Tesla, the car can tackle a zero-to-60-mph sprint in just 1.99 seconds, though the conditions need to be just right. Regardless, the car's 0-60 and quarter-mile acceleration times are ridiculous under any circumstances. 

Meanwhile, the McLaren 600LT has a base price of over $250,000. According to various sources, it can scoot to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

Parker and Brooks join forces to take the Model S Plaid for a ride, complete with a rolling photo shoot and some tasty racing action. Be sure to also check out DragTimes related video below:

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