This is the first time we've seen a video of Tesla's pure-vision Autopilot with FSD Beta driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco with zero disengagements. So why does the title say one disengagement?

Unfortunately for the driver (and for Tesla), there was a minor issue after entering San Francisco. He says that while it resulted in a disengagement, the intervention may hot have been needed, but the driver was startled and chose to play it safe. We'll leave that for you to decide.

Whole Mars Catalog is a hardcore advocate of Tesla's advanced driver-assist systems, and he tends to post videos and tweets reveling in its successes. With that said, he's been eagerly updating his YouTube page, as well as posting clips on Twitter. The videos show Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 9.1 navigating between various locations, usually with few disengagements and/or little human assistance.

Whole Mars Catalog tends to post short clips that are sped up so that we can see the whole trip on Twitter. Later, he adds a normal speed option for viewing on YouTube so that people can check out every detail. It's important to note that in this particular video, it doesn't appear to be Whole Mars Catalog piloting the car, but rather, another FSD Beta tester who shared the videos with him.


Whole Mar Catalog writes:

"FSD Beta 9.1 and Pure Vision Navigate on Autopilot drives from a Supercharger near SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles to Best Buy in San Francisco, stopping at Kettleman City Supercharger along the way."

He explains that, technically, the car did travel from LA to SF without any disengagements, but he's fair to admit that there was an intervention in San Francisco from parking lot to parking lot. We've embedded the longer YouTube video at the top of the page, though the tweet above has the quicker version, as well as the isolated intervention.

While the improvements to FSD Beta are certainly impressive, you can see that it still has a long way to go. Features like this can work to keep people safe, but they must remain alert and ready to take over at a moment's notice. We're still waiting for Tesla's promised cross-country trip with zero interventions. Do you think the technology is capable of pulling it off prior to the end of the year?

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