The Tesla Model S Plaid is the newest EV to hit the market, and it's the quickest production vehicle ever built. It can rocket to 60 mph in as little as 2 seconds (or less if the conditions are just right). Prior to the launch of the Plaid, the outgoing Model S Performance was neck and neck with the range-topping Porsche Taycan Turbo S, at least as far as overall performance was concerned.

Fast-forward to the present and now the Model S Plaid holds plenty of speed titles, and we know it can outrun the Taycan Turbo S at the drag strip. However, a very important question still remains: How do these two fully electric top performers stack up on a road course? One might quickly assume the Porsche will dominate here since the brand is known across the globe for its cars' incredible handling prowess. Moreover, critics have knocked Tesla's handling capabilities in the past.

With all of that said, there's almost no argument, the Model S and Taycan are the most celebrated electric vehicles of all time when it comes to performance and acceleration. While all EVs are quick off the line, and there's plenty of talk about the and Ford Mustang Mach-E – which are much better options for most peoples' budgets – the Plaid and the Turbo S are currently untouchable at the track, at least in most typical cases. 

YouTube channel Chillin' with Chet set out to find out whether the Model S Plaid or Taycan Turbo S takes the lead on a road course, and we're not talking about public roads or street racing here. Rather, the team heads to the Apex Motorclub road course in Maricopa, Arizona. Chet writes:

"In this episode, Uncle Chet pits the Tesla Model S Plaid head to head against the Porsche Taycan Turbo S on a road course! Typically these have been raced on dragstrips, but in this video we really test how these two electric vehicles handle the curves and extreme breaking at the Apex Motorclub road course in Maricopa, AZ! We also took the crew and members at the track out for some Tesla Plaid launch reactions!"

At this point, we probably don't even need to tell you which car comes out ahead, but seeing is believing. No spoilers here. Check out the video for some wow factor. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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