As demand for Tesla vehicles grows across the globe, the automaker seems to be focusing specifically on its latest vehicle, the Model Y crossover. According to CEO Elon Musk, the Model Y will eventually become Tesla's best-selling EV with the potential to outsell many gas-powered rivals.

While Tesla has been limiting model variants in the US and continuously raising prices, that's not the case in some areas across the globe. Now, we have news that the Silicon Valley automaker filed paperwork with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to produce five new versions of the Model Y at its Shanghai Gigafactory.


The filings point to two Model Y Standard Range versions with 60 kWh battery packs, two Long Range versions, and a Model Y Performance. One of the Model Y Long Range variants will have a 76.8 kWh battery pack while the other version and Performance Y get a 78.4 kWh pack. Teslarati points out that the filing reveals the use of both lithium-ion and lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.

These recent filings make it even more clear that Tesla's China-based factory is well on its way to becoming the company's primary export location. With the five variants, as well as the different battery pack sizes and chemistries, Tesla will have the ability to cater future China-made Model Y crossovers to specific global markets.

According to Tesla's Q2 2021 investor's update, Giga Shanghai has already transitioned to the brand's primary global export hub. The Tesla factory in China is already satisfying an annualized vehicle production run rate of 450,000, and it's already been exporting cars to Europe, though nothing was previously made official. Tesla has officially publicized plans to deliver China-made Model Y SUVs to Europe in Q3 2021.

European Tesla customers seem to be in a constant waiting game for vehicles from the brand, as they typically come to our shores long ahead of going to Europe. With Tesla building a factory in Germany, that waiting game stands to change in the future. Once Giga Berlin opens, it will start producing and delivering the Model Y. However, with many setbacks and loads of red tape, plans have faced continuous delays.

Rather than waiting any longer, Tesla has chosen to make Model Y vehicles in China and send them to Europe. Some see this as a proactive move by Tesla to satisfy eager customers. However, others believe it's a way for Tesla to light a fire under regulators in Germany to get the ball rolling.

As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts with us. What do you think about Tesla's plans for the Model Y in China and abroad?

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