The guys from Grind Hard Plumbing Co decided they wanted to build what they call " the ultimate off-road Tesla " and they started with a totaled salvage dual-motor Model 3 Long Range that they quite extensively modified. The vehicle got a suspension lift, a roll cage and a winch, among other mods, making it considerably more capable off-tarmac compared to a stock example.

Grind Hard Plumbing also enlisted the help of Rich Benoit, the man behind Rich Rebuilds, along with his crew over at the Electrified Garage. They began by stripping away the damaged parts off the vehicle, then they make sure it’s running, and then they proceed to modify the suspension and wheel setup.

You can check out the nearly half-hour-long video to get all the details regarding the modifications made to the vehicle, and experience some of that well known trademark Rich Rebuilds banter. If you want to see the modified Model 3 in action, you can just skip to around the 24-minute mark in the video when they take it to a plot of uneven, undeveloped land where it’s supposed to follow a Sherp purpose-built off-roader.

The Cyberquad that you may remember Rich built last year also takes part and follows the Sherp and the Model 3 off-road. And first impressions of the Model 3 off-road are surprisingly good. Being electric allows the driver to modulate power and speed easily, it’s all-wheel drive so it has plenty of traction and it actually seems like it could take you places.

Rich Rebuilds has also posted its version of this bonkers build and you can watch the drama unfold from a completely different angle in that video, which awaits you below. We hope to see even more videos with this modified Model 3 going on some genuinely gnarly off-road courses in the future. There’s a chance it might actually do really well there too.

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