Jeep is reportedly working on a model to slot under the B-segment Renegade model, but aside from its smaller dimensions it will also have one important twist: it’s going to be fully-electric. Details are limited right now, but it would make sense to build it on one of the platforms provided by Jeep’s new owners, Stellantis.

However, it most likely won’t be the e-CMP platform that’s used in vehicles like the Peugeot e-2008 or the new Opel/Vauxhall Mokka-e. Even if the platform would be very suitable for a vehicle the size of the upcoming baby off-roader, it doesn’t support all-wheel drive, which is a prerequisite for any Jeep, regardless of size.

The most likely platform to underpin the small electric Jeep is Stellantis’ STLA Small architecture, but it’s not due for another four years (it's expected debut sometime in 2026). It is being made with fully-electric powertrains in mind, though, and it will offer the possibility for a rear motor to be installed and give vehicles it underpins the option to go all-wheel drive.

AutoExpress quotes Mark Allen, the design boss at Jeep, who said

We’re looking at every segment possible.

Renegade is a B-segment so obviously there’s room below that and that’s something we’re looking at. But we’re probably not looking at something larger than Wagoneer – it’s a beast!

Allen also mentioned that Jeep still has two niches in the market that it has yet to cover, although he didn’t go into any detail about what they are. We do know that they’re not going to be any bigger than the Wagoneer, but we’re pretty sure they too will have electric or electrified powertrains, since all new Stellantis platforms will come with support for it.


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