According to media reports, Nissan will soon announce a plan to build a new EV battery gigafactory in Sunderland, UK, together with Envision AESC (formerly AESC - Nissan and NEC's JV - acquired by the Envision Group in 2019, in which Nissan still holds a 20% share).

Let's recall that Envision AESC already has a small plant at Nissan's site in Sunderland, but its capacity is only 1.9 GWh annually.

According to various reports, Envision AESC would like to build two gigafactories in Europe. The first was already announced by Renault and it will be located in France. The second one probably will be located in Sunderland to support Nissan's plant, but as we understand, a lot depends on government incentives.

The Sunderland gigafactory initially is expected to have about 6 GWh of annual cell manufacturing capacity, which over time will expand to 18-20 GWh. We guess that Envision AESC is open to supply also other manufacturers.

Some suggest that the announcement about the new battery plant will be accompanied by an announcement about a new all-electric car model. It makes sense, as without a new BEV model, building a plant around 2024 would be senseless. Especially since the Nissan LEAF produced at the site is aging.

20 GWh is enough to equip  200,000 EVs in 100 kWh pack, which is a lot compared to Nissan's EV volume in Europe. The numbers alone indicate a few BEVs (usually with smaller battery packs) and several Nissan e-Power series hybrids (usually with tiny battery packs).

The UK government is in talks also with other potential battery manufacturers, including Britishvolt. Some say that Tesla considers a battery plant in the UK as well, but there is no official decision about that.

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