Volkswagen is offering up some advice on what ID.4 owners can do while they wait for their vehicles to charge. The release, Five Things To Do While Charging Your ID.4 doesn't really offer any uniquely insightful ideas, (go for a walk is one of them!) but hey, we can see where VW was going with this. 

However, we can also see this as a potentially bad move by Volkswagen. It gives the impression that EV charging is going to be such a lengthy, cumbersome task that you need to continuously come up with things to do while you're recharging. That could scare off some potential customers that are new to EVs. 

First off, most people will charge at home or at work, and in that case, they don't have to wait at all. That's because the car is charging while they are sleeping, eating, working, etc. To Volkswagen's credit, they do point that out and say that the long weekend trips are when they will need to stop and charge at DC fast charge stations. However, the seed is planted that charging means waiting and that's not what people like to do. 

Of course, Volkswagen doesn't fail to mention the Electrify America network, since, well, they do own it. They point out how many stations are available now and how many are expected to be open by year's end. That's when they jump to the suggestions on how to pass the time while DC fast charging. 

While the ID.4 isn't the fastest-charging EV out today, it does pretty well on a 150 kW DC fast charger, and we even recorded a 2% to 90% charging session a couple of months ago. 

We plugged in at 2% state of charge and here's how the session went.

We reached:

10% SOC in 3 minutes
20% SOC in 8 minutes
30% SOC in 11 minutes
40% SOC in 15 minutes
50% SOC in 19 minutes
60% SOC in 25 minutes
70% SOC in 31 minutes
80% SOC in 38 minutes
90% SOC in 48 minutes

As you can see, the ID.4 charges pretty rapidly and can arrive at 80% from 2% (and most owners won't typically drive the vehicle down to only 2%) in only 38 minutes. 

Since most DC fast charge stations are usually located in areas where there are coffee shops or convenience stores, I typically just walk in, use the facilities if needed, grab a cup of coffee and walk back to the car. I'll check some emails or messages and by then it's basically time to unplug and move on.

So I guess I'm mostly aligned with suggestion #5. That is when I'm not recording the DC Fast charge session for InsideEVs. In that case, I have to stand next to the station and reset the screen every 60 seconds or it defaults to the main screen that doesn't show the charging data. (Can you please change that, Electrify America?)

Here are Volkswagen's five suggestions to pass the time while charging:

#1 - Rest And Relax

Recharge yourself at the same time as your vehicle with a quick self-care break. In the ID.4, drivers and front-seat passengers can retract the sunshade of the available panoramic fixed glass roof and use the available six-way adjustable seats with power recline to get comfortable.

#2 - Move Yourself

You can use the time to stretch your legs and go on a walk around the neighborhood. However, remember to be mindful of EV charger etiquette and remember to not let your EV take up the charger once you’ve completed powering up.

#3 - Enjoy In-Car Entertainment:

Take advantage of the Car-Net Wi-Fi Hotspot stream your favorite movie or television show on up to four compatible devices. Don’t worry about getting distracted – the Electrify America app will send you a notification once your vehicle has reached your desired charging level.

#4 - Indulge In A Massage

A premier available feature of the ID.4 are its front seats with built-in, four-way massage lumbar and memory. After several hours of driving, a massage might just what you need to get back in action. Take it a step further by activating the 30-color ambient lighting option for a fun and full sensory experience.

#5 - Stop And Shop

Most Electrify America charging stations are conveniently located at gas stations, grocery stores, outlet centers, hotels, and large retailers, among other locations. While you wait for your vehicle to charge, step inside to buy groceries, grab a cup of coffee, shop for clothes, or stock up on household goods. If you’re not in the mood to shop, keep it simple and treat yourself to your favorite snacks while you wait.

Thoughts? Do you think these are helpful tips or mostly common sense? What do you do while DC fast charging? Also, do you think it's wise for Volkswagen to infer that waiting for your ID.4 to charge is a problem that needs a solution? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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