At InsideEVs, we remember a time when we used to receive reports from Tesla skeptics, complete with drone footage and images of parking lots. Some were empty parking lots, suggesting that demand for Tesla's vehicles had collapsed. Others were parking lots full of Tesla vehicles that folks said were undelivered since no one wanted them.

Just recently, a report came out that Tesla's China sales tanked in May due to the many issues the brand has suffered in the recent past. Not long after that report came out, another report, from an official source, revealed that Tesla's sales in May in China actually broke records.

With all of that said, you can't believe anything you see on video or in images you find online. However, as people are anticipating Tesla's Q2 2021 production and delivery numbers, many are paying very close attention.

The short video below shows the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium teeming with Tesla vehicles, likely ready for delivery in various parts of Europe. The fleet of Teslas stretches in every direction, and there's little chance this is photoshopped, or that these cars have any other purpose aside from filling orders. Moreover, let's not forget, there are still three weeks left in the quarter, and other reports point to more shipments en route across the globe.


To add to the mix of potential record-breaking deliveries for Tesla in Q2, Australia is also receiving at least hundreds of Model 3 vehicles, reportedly in preparation for a delivery surge.


As the automotive landscape is changing across the globe, automakers are in the midst of dealing with a chip shortage, and car sales are down in general, Tesla aims to beat the odds yet again. The company has had its fair share of concerns over part shortages, temporary shutdowns at its factories, and other bumps in the road. However, it has continued to prove that it can prevail despite adversity.

What's your Tesla Q2 2021 delivery estimate? Leave us your best guess in the comment section. This way, we can check back in a few weeks and find out who was right.

Lede Image Credit: Torque News (YouTube)

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