Consumer research and insight firm Piplsay recently published information related to a poll on future electric pickup trucks. The premise of the related Piplsay poll is that the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning will "fuel the electric truck rage." This is because, as far as demand and consumer interest are concerned, the Ford was nearly equal to the Tesla Cybertruck, and it even topped the Tesla in areas.

Several electric pickup trucks are set to come to market in the near future, beginning with the Rivian R1T this July 2021. Other upcoming entrants include the Cybertruck, F-150 Lightning, GMC Hummer EV, and Chevrolet Silverado Electric. Not to mention potential offerings from startups, including Lordstown and Bollinger.

When the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled, people were shocked, some in a good way, and others, not so much. Regardless, the Tesla electric pickup has been able to stir up plenty of attention across the globe thanks to its crazy design, long range, incredible capability, and low starting price.

The Hummer EV is a huge beast of a truck, but it's very expensive and designed for a niche market. Meanwhile, the F-150 Lightning is essentially a traditional pickup truck with an all-electric powertrain and loads of unique special features.

Piplsay polled some 28,000 people to learn what they think of these upcoming pickup trucks. Almost half of all people polled are planning to buy an electric vehicle in the future, and nearly half of those folks are considering an electric pickup truck. 

The Tesla Cybertruck and Ford Lightning came out on top, closely followed by the Chevrolet Silverado. People also noted that specs and price are the most important considerations.


However, when it comes to impressing people, the F-150 Lightning took the top spot by a wider margin, followed by the Cybertruck and Silverado.


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We'll leave you with this video from Ford about the upcoming F-150 Lightning:

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