Seriously? Only $25 per month for a mobile DC fast charging service? It sounds too good to be true. We'll find out tomorrow when Sparkcharge, the mobile EV charging startup that recently received a million-dollar investment deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, is hosting its second annual "SparkDay" event tomorrow at 2:00 pm Eastern. 

SparkCharge began hosting annual SparkDay events in 2020, as a way to let the public know what the company has been up to in the previous year. A lot has happened for the company since SparkDay 2020, and we'll get to hear all about it tomorrow. 

Follow this link to view the presentation live on YouTube and ask the team questions in real-time. 


ChargeUp Has Arrived

One big announcement we're really interested in learning more about during SparkDay is the company's new charging as a service (CaaS) offering called ChargeUp.

“We are super excited to bring mobile charging and charging as a service (CaaS) to the next level.” shared Josh Aviv, SparkCharge CEO, and founder. “It's exactly what is needed right now for America to catch up with electrification of transportation. Mobile charging is a necessity to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Being able to have your EV charged whenever and wherever you’d like takes away the time wasted at chargers and eliminates the worry of finding a charger that isn’t out of order. We’ve focused solely on making charging as easy as possible from building the portable charging hardware to mobilize charging, and the software to make it easy to access.”

SparkCharge tells up that for as little as only $25 per month, ChargeUp will come to you and DC fast charge your EV wherever you want them to - at home, work, or any location you're vehicle is parked at. Sparkcharge even promises that ChargeUp could actually end up costing less than what it would cost you to charge your EV at home using your own electricity supply.

ChargeUp is currently serving Dallas, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles. The company has plans to expand to more cities soon. The ChargeUp app is available for download from both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

ChargeUp program details:

  • $25 per month for charge delivery within the service area
  • Home, Office, or anywhere you can park your car
  • Perfect for Apartment and Condo owners
  • Eliminates driving to chargers and waiting to recharge
  • No power access required

We don't have all the details yet, like how much energy will they supply and how many times will they come to charge your vehicle per month, but the service starts at only $25 per month, and that's very reasonable. We would imagine that you'll have to pay more for more frequent "charge ups" and for customers that require more kWh pumped into their battery packs. 


SparkCharge is also set to announce the launch of the second version of its Roadie mobile charging station, this one with a CCS connector. The current Roadie system is a CHAdeMO unit, which they chose to make first because it has the ability to charge Tesla vehicles with the CHAdeMO adapter. Now that the company has a CCS version, they can charge any EV in need of service. 

Sparkcharge tells us the new CCS version of the Roadie has other improvements:

  • Improved ergonimics; an easy grip handles much easier to carry
  • Improved modularity, stacks incredibly easy
  • Internet of Things (IoT), transmits the state of charge, geolocation, charge quantity delivered, virtually anything, plus updates itself wirelessly
  • Compatible with all CCS EVs available in the US

You can follow the link above to check out the SparkDay live stream tomorrow at 2:00 pm, and if you look closely you may even see a cameo appearance by yours truly. Check back after the presentation and let us know what you think and if you have any questions. We'll follow up with SparkCharge and try to get the answers.  

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