Hydro-Québec's Electric Circuit - the largest public charging network in Québec - announced that in partnership with Québec's municipalities it will be rolling out 4,500 standard AC charging stations. However, there is a catch - the timeline is "by 2028".

Those AC charging stations (each with two outputs) are envisioned for electric vehicle drivers who do not have access to home charging.

Hydro-Québec intends to provide financial assistance of up to $12,000 (CAD) per charging station, while municipalities will offer access to the curbside spaces.

"To support this important initiative, a grant program is being offered exclusively to municipalities, through which Hydro-Québec is providing financial assistance of up to $12,000 per standard charging station.

Charging stations must meet one of the following charging needs: 

  • Overnight charging in neighborhoods where electric vehicle owners do not have access to private outdoor outlets
  • Daytime charging downtown and near shops

In addition, the municipality must allow access to the curbside station 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offer free parking in front of the curbside station from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m."

In theory, it should increase the number of charging spots, and expand the customer base for Electric Circuit. Details about the grant program can be found here.

It's an interesting approach to the major issue of charging spaces in cities. For a significant part of the drivers, the problem is not only lack of a charging point, but also lack of dedicated parking spaces. Time will tell how well it turns out.

Electric Circuit network currently operates more than 3,100 public charging points, including 466 fast chargers. That's some 600 points (over 160 fast chargers) more than in June 2020,

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