Plug-in electric passenger car registrations in the Netherlands increased in April by some 138% year-over-year (from a low base of 2020 April) to 5,090.

That's enough for 21% market share (10% alone for BEVs), which is good, but below the peak months of late 2020.

The specificity of the Netherlands is that the results improve over time each year and peak in December, just before some changes to incentives or taxes that make EVs less favorable.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – April 2021


The total number of registrations so far this year stands at 17,275 and the average market share is 17% (including 6.6% for all-electric cars).

Model rank

In April, the top-selling model was the Kia Niro EV (369 registrations), however, it was pretty close for the Skoda Enyaq iV (353) to take the first place, if only several more units were registered.

The next two were plug-in hybrids: Volvo XC40 PHEV (347) and Ford Kuga PHEV (304). The top five were completed by Volkswagen ID.4 (290).

There is no sign of the Tesla Model 3 or Volkswagen ID.3 that were so strong in late 2020.

In the year-to-date rank, we can see the Volvo XC40 PHEV as a lone leader with 1,200 units, ahead of the Kia Niro EV (682), Ford Kuga PHEV (660) and Volkswagen ID.4 (651).

Actually, if we would count the Volkswagen ID.4 and Skoda Enyaq iV together, it would be 1,004 - not bad.

Only time will tell whether BEVs will rebound later this year and once again dominate the market, as today, premium (and some mainstream) plug-in hybrids are in the majority.

Top 20 for the month and YTD:

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