We been hearing rumors that Ford will launch another ICE generation of its iconic Mustang pony car sometime in 2022 - 2023. But what about when that vehicle gets phased out, probably around the end of the decade; what will it be replaced by and what will power its replacement?

Well, the way things are going today, with governments cracking down on the internal combustion engine, we can almost certainly state the 2030 Ford Mustang will be a fully-electric sports car. Ford has made no mention of where it plans to take the Mustang nameplate in the future, although considering it’s now used on an electric crossover called the Mach-E, it’s safe to say the manufacturer isn’t scared to change the formula to a degree.

However, the Blue Oval did sponsor a series of designs whose brief was to reimagine the Mustang as an electric sports car and position it in a new segment. One of the designers who took up the challenge to do that was Tyler Kwon, who came up with this retro-inspired mini-Mustang that’s fully electric.

Gallery: 2030 Ford Mustang E1 by Tyler Kwon

He calls it the 2030 Mustang E1 and it looks great. He drew a lot of inspiration for it from the original Mustang Concept 1, a small open-top four-cylinder sports car design study from 1962. And he not only reinterpreted some of the Concept 1’s design cues, but he also made his Mustang smaller than the current generation of the model.

We say the design is a great blend of retro and futuristic ideas and it is a very valid attempt at making an electric Mustang of the near future. And since Tyler pointed out this creation is sponsored by Ford, it’s clear the manufacturer wanted some fresh ideas to see what the inevitable fully-electric Mustang sports car could look like; this convinces us further that an EV Mustang is planned and Ford may already be (secretly) working on it.

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