Tesla's Giga Austin plant in Texas progresses so fast that it might overtake the Tesla Giga Berlin and start production earlier, despite the project being launched several months later.

Anyway, the end of May 2021 was slower than usual because of the Memorial Day weekend & heavy rains overnight. As we can see in the video above, there were only a small number of workers at the site.

The plant is assigned to produce the Tesla Model Y - a new version, with cylindrical 4680 type batteries - as well as the Tesla Cybertruck (the prototype of which was seen a few times here and there).

Thanks to Joe Tegtmeyer's report from May 29, we can take a look not only at the flyover video but also many photos from the inside of the facilities under construction:

One thing is sure, Tesla Giga Texas is huge and it's taking only a small fraction of the plot, which gives a lot of room for further expansions.

Tesla Giga Austin (Gigafactory 5) in Austin, Texas:

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