How does the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3 Long Range compare to its much more expensive sibling – the Tesla Model S Long Range Raven? This video breaks it all down related to range and charging, all based on real-world testing.

As people seemingly begin to flock to electric cars or start taking interest in them, education is paramount. While there are tons of excellent EV-related videos on YouTube, we've started to focus a bit more on those that educate consumers, provide buying advice, compare cars, and offer valuable insight to prospective EV owners.

With many new electric vehicles coming to market, especially those from legacy OEMs such as Ford, GM, and Volkswagen, it seems more and more people are becoming fascinated with the segment. Whether you love it or hate it, it's hard to ignore an all-electric Mustang crossover, a beastly electric Hummer EV pickup truck, or the F-150 Lightning. OEMs are bringing EVs into the mainstream, so it's high time to get people the information they need to make a confident buying decision.

RSymons RSEV on YouTube is a perfect example of a channel that can work to help people learn about electric cars. Since the Model 3 is the most popular electric car in the world, it makes sense to use it as a tool for comparison. However, in this case, the comparison is to another Tesla. RSymons writes:

"The only way to compare efficiency between electric cars is to drive them at exactly the same speed in the same conditions, so here we use an opportunity to drive both the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor in convoy head-to-head with the Tesla Model S Long Range Dual Motor Raven."

As stated, the Model S is much more expensive, at least if you're buying new. It's larger, more premium inside, and it has a ~100 kWh battery pack. The Model 3 has a battery pack that's estimated to be around 75 kWh, but it's more efficient than the Model S. The Model 3 also charges faster, which could help on a long road trip, though the Model S charges quickly as well, and it has more range.

If you're shopping the used market, which might be a wise choice since it has been reported that Tesla is completely sold out of new inventory for the quarter, the Model 3 isn't going to come much cheaper than it does new. On the contrary, you can pick up a used Model S at a good price in many cases. 

In addition to filling us in on real-world efficiency, range, and charging speed between these Tesla siblings, RSymons also looks at which car is more comfortable, and which one he likes best overall. Hopefully, after watching the informative video, you'll have a better idea of which Tesla is best for you.

Check out the video and leave us a comment. Do you prefer the Model 3 or Model S? Do you own one of these cars already? Help our readers out by sharing your insight.

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