According to a recent report by Electrek, based on anonymous sources familiar with the matter, Tesla has more than 10,000 cars on a containment hold. The cars were reportedly produced at its , and at this point, if the rumors are true, it cannot yet deliver these cars.

There's always plenty of talk about Tesla's production and delivery situation ahead of each quarter's end. However, we won't know the truth for many weeks. If you follow the segment closely, you're likely aware that Tesla's "end of Q" situation is always pretty nuts as it scrambles to appease Wall Street and deliver a record number of cars.

Thus far, Tesla has been making impressive strides despite the COVID-19 pandemic, factory shutdowns, and the global automotive chip shortage. Meanwhile, many automakers are struggling, and people are waiting weeks and even many months to take delivery of new cars.

With that said, it will come as no surprise if this story is true. Tesla could certainly be facing a similar situation as the majority of the automotive space. The sources note that an "unknown part" is missing from the cars. However, Tesla hasn't provided any such details.

If these anonymous sources familiar with the matter are correct, it could mean a crazy end to Q2 2021, but what's new? Hopefully, Tesla has time to work out all the bugs. Regardless, the cars in question are clearly ordered and will be delivered eventually. This is the same case with many orders placed with legacy OEMs.

Automakers can't do a whole lot about supply chain issues, missing parts, chip shortages, or the like. The most important part here is whether or not they're still selling cars that will eventually make their way into owners' driveways. However, if Tesla can't deliver all these cars inside of Q2 2021, which sources say is already sold out based on production and delivery logistics, investors will likely punish Tesla.

Honestly, this is nothing new. Tesla, just like all automakers, is impacted by many outside forces. Its production and delivery situation has been stressed to the max for some time. Thankfully, the brand is being proactive by expanding its facilities and building new factories across the globe. In addition, Tesla strives to do as much as it can "in-house," so as not to rely on and be impacted by such issues.

This is a developing story. If more details are made clear, we'll either update this article or provide a new one. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Will Tesla still have another record quarter?

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