Toyota has re-confirmed that its path to carbon neutrality will be diversified and gradual, in line with market and technical progress.

The company currently offers 55 xEVs (BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs, FCEVs) globally (17 in the U.S.), including 8 plug-ins (4 plug-in hybrids and four all-electric). Unfortunately, the plug-in availability is usually limited only to some markets, or volume (like in the case of Toyota RAV4 Prime).

Toyota’s Path to Carbon Neutrality
Toyota’s xEVs (BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs, FCEVs)

By 2025, Toyota intends to offer 70 xEVs globally. 15 of them will be battery-electric cars, including 7 under the bZ (Beyond Zero) brand moniker.

The concept of the first bZ - Toyota bZ4X Concept was revealed in April. It will enter the market in 2022.

Toyota’s Path to Carbon Neutrality
Toyota’s Path to Carbon Neutrality


Toyota's target is to increase xEV's share out of its total sales volume in Europe to 90% offering 50 xEVs (at least 10 BEVs/FCEVs).

The sales target is 1.5 million cars (7% of the total market). The disappointing thing is that only 150,000 will be BEVs/FCEVs (10% share of Toyota volume and 0.7% of the overall market). It's really low, considering that some individual models are already at 100,000 a year.

"By 2025 Toyota will offer more than 55 electrified products in Europe, including at least 10 zero-emission vehicles. As a result, Toyota is today announcing an increase to its 2025 sales and share ambition in Europe – rising to 1.5m units, which represents more than 7% of the market.

By then, at least 150,000 (10%) will be zero-emissions vehicles – both battery electric and fuel-cell electric. And at least another 1.2m (80%) will be hybrid or plug-in hybrid, leading to an overall minimum 90% electrified mix in 2025."


In the U.S. the target is different - even lower. 70% of Toyota's volume will be xEVs, but by 2030! Out of that, only 15% will be BEVs/FCEVs, while the remaining 55% will be HEVs/PHEVs.

"Toyota expects BEVs and FCEVs will make up 15% of its U.S. sales by 2030, and along with the company’s hybrids (HEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), 70% of the Toyota and Lexus combined sales mix will be electrified by 2030."


Globally, Toyota's target is to sell 8 million xEVs annually by 2030 and 2 million will be BEVs/PHEVs.

The company intends to also continue investments in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

"At the same time, Toyota will continue to invest strongly in its world-leading fuel cell technology."

Chris Reynolds, chief administrative officer, Toyota Motor North America said:

“For over 30 years, Toyota has been innovating and investing in technology to reduce vehicle emissions and achieve carbon reductions. And, although some people believe concentrating resources on one possible solution will achieve the goal more quickly, we believe investing in many different solutions will actually be a faster way to achieve carbon neutrality around the world.”

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