Tesla's updated Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta Version 9 has been delayed for some time, but CEO Elon Musk has kept fans and owners posted along the way. Now, once again, the CEO says it's coming very soon. He provides multiple updates related to the technology.

Ever since Elon Musk talked about the upcoming FSD Beta v9, as well as the "Download Beta" button, owners and potential beta testers have been eagerly waiting, and, of course, the media seems to be keeping a close eye on Musk's tweets related to the technology. He's provided a few updates in the past, but now he's added several important pieces of information, including tentative timelines.

It all started when vocal Tesla investor Gary Black asked Musk about FSD v9 and the upcoming subscription launch. Musk said, as he's noted before, Tesla has had to work on removing radar and validating safety with vision alone. It looks like he's suggesting the update could come in about two weeks. He also replied that the FSD subscription is coming in "about a month."


Despite early talk of a "Download Beta" button, which made it seem as though any Tesla owners could potentially opt-in as a beta tester, Musk now says Tesla is "maybe a month or two away from wide beta." He also adds that timelines in cases like this are difficult to predict.


Finally, Tesla fan Viv, who lives in Europe, asked about Smart Summon functionality in her area. Musk said that it will come by the end of the year, along with FSD Beta for Europe as well. However, he did note that it will be contingent upon regulatory approval.


Musk continues to tweet about and hype FSD Beta. At this point, if it doesn't come sometime soon, and it's not as amazing as he's suggested, it may be very negative for Tesla. On the flip side, if Tesla can prove that its AI-based computer-vision driving assistant actually works as advertised, it will be a huge step forward for the industry.

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