The prototype also featured some accessories that will make their way into the final production version.

Even though GMC has already fully revealed the Hummer EV pickup (expected to go on sale this fall), it’s still testing what appear to be unfinished prototypes. This example spotted by our spies looked quite complete, aside from the plastic fender flares that were missing; it also had some accessories on it and we also got to see its rear-wheel steering in action.

GMC hasn’t really emphasized the fact that the new electric Hummer’s rear steer, aside from emphasizing what it calls ‘Crab Mode.’ However, the rear axle will help the vehicle turn in normal driving too, as you can see in some of these new photos - the rear wheels turn quite a bit, with up to 10 degrees of lock.

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As we know from other vehicles whose rear wheels help with steering, they turn opposite to the front wheels to help it turn at lower speeds (and make it seem like a smaller vehicle), while at higher speeds, they turn in the same direction as the fronts to aid with stability. The Hummer EV’s party trick is its ability to crab walk, a feature not currently offered by any production vehicle, electric or otherwise.

The prototype, seen undergoing testing at GM’s Milford proving grounds, also featured two of the almost 200 accessories promised for the Hummer EV. It had cross rails not only on the roof, but over the bed too.

Accessories will surely drive up the Hummer’s price, though, and since it’s already quite expensive (Edition 1 models kick off at $112,595), some people may want to wait for the cheaper versions like the 3X version whose starting price is $99,995, or the even cheaper two-motor versions coming in 2023 and 2024 (the cheapest will cost from $79,995).

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