Tesla has once again updated the estimated delivery time of newly ordered Long Range and Plaid versions of the refreshed Model S and Model X cars in the U.S.

The Model S waiting time increased by about a month, while Model X was pushed back by three months.

At this point, we don't know whether the update is related to prolonged difficulties on the manufacturing side or if it's related to higher demand (or a mix of those two factors).

Let's remember that Tesla recently promised that Model S customer deliveries will begin soon.

Estimated delivery for new orders in the U.S.:

Model S:

  • Long Range: September-October (up from August-September)
  • Plaid: August-September (up from June-July)
  • Plaid+: Mid 2022 (no change)

Initially, it was: 4-11 weeks (Plaid+ in Late 2021), then moved to 10-14 weeks (Plaid+ in Mid-2022) in April and August-September.

Model X:

  • Long Range: January-February (up from October-November)
  • Plaid: January-February (up from October-November)

Initially, it was: May-June 2021.

2021 Tesla Model S
2021 Tesla Model S
2021 Tesla Model X
2021 Tesla Model X

If the problem is related to production rather than demand, we can probably forget about seeing Model S, and especially Model X, high in the sales stats this year.

Model 3/Y

Interestingly, the wait for new Model 3 and Model Y has shortened by a week or so:

In comparison, Model 3 and Model Y delivery is expected in 6-9 weeks depending on the version.

Model 3:

  • Standard Range Plus: 6-8 weeks (down from 7-9 weeks)
  • Long Range: 5-8 weeks (down from 7-9 weeks)
  • Performance: 6-8 weeks (down from 6-9 weeks)

Model Y:

  • Long Range: 6-8 weeks (down from 7-9 weeks)
  • Performance: 5-8 weeks (down from 6-9 weeks)
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