Most private owners are very pleased with their Tesla Model 3 as it seems to be all the car they really need. Teslas are also used in other roles, such as taxi cabs, as well as in car sharing and rent-a-car schemes, and it’s these more intense roles that should highlight their weaknesses quicker.

Norwegian EV-centric YouTuber, Bjørn Nyland, examined a Tesla Model 3 that had been used as a rental for two years, in which time its odometer had accumulated some 70,000 km (around 44,000 miles). He didn’t go over the car alone, being joined by a representative of the car rental company that owned the car, who said the car encountered no major issues, despite the fact that it was rented by over 100 people in its 24 months as a rental.

Aside from usual wear marks, such as swirl marks on the paint, chips in the windscreen, the one thing the rental company representative also pointed out was that the right front door hinge made a noise (it almost sounded like it had come loose). He says he’s only seen this defect in the car shown in the video, as well as another Model 3 that had been used as a taxi.

The car has also never been to the Tesla service center under warranty, in spite of the fact that it was definitely used hard. All that was done to it in its two years on the road were regular maintenance and scheduled service visits, but nothing other than that. Check out the 30+ minutes-long video to see how much capacity it still has left in the battery (even though most people who rented it wanted it charged to 100 percent) as well as how well it still drives.

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