Tesla is known for its proprietary Supercharger network, which is often cited for being fast, convenient, and reliable. However, the network isn't free of issues, and road trips can still be difficult for folks in some areas.

Now that some Tesla owners have become acquainted with the new, faster V3 Superchargers, V2 units can seem slow. In addition, station locations are limited in some areas, some only have a handful of charging stalls, and they're still V2. Moreover, stalls can be broken or offline at times.

With that said, Tesla's new pre-fab Superchargers can help solve such problems very quickly. As first pointed out by Quinn Nelson on Twitter, the Beaver, Utah Supercharger station seemed to have many of the issues listed above. It only had four stalls, they were all V2, and sometimes they weren't online or working.


As you can see from the tweet, Tesla expanded the station to 32 stalls in just a few days. To make the situation even better, they're all V3 stalls. Tesla builds the Superchargers on platforms ahead of delivery, so the installation process is streamlined, and, according to reports, these installations are happening in record time.

Taking a station from four stalls using the old technology to 32 stalls using the new technology in just a matter of days is nothing short of impressive. As Tesla's cars become more popular in areas like Utah, the public charging situation only stands to get more frustrating. People shouldn't have to wait months or years after they purchase a Tesla to have appropriate and reliable fast-charging in their area.

Tesla has been constantly expanding the global Supercharger network for years, and it's far ahead of any rivals. However, now the ability to put up multiple stalls in a matter of days should exponentially accelerate Tesla's efforts to quickly grow its network in areas of need.

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