I've seen several videos of the Hot Wheels R/C Tesla Cybertruck in action, but I didn't realize how fast that little electric truck is. In the above video posted by the Cyber Owners YouTube channel, we get to see two R/C races and the R/C Cybertruck race a real Tesla Model 3 Performance. I think that little 1:10 scale Cybertruck can get the jump on any real Tesla. 

The first race was between the little 1:64 scale R/C Cybertruck and the bigger 1:10 scale Cybertruck. It wasn't even close, the big Cybertruck took off like a rocket. The little one went diagonal probably because of the bumpy asphalt. 

RC Cybertruck vs Model 3 (Cyber Owners)

The second race was between the big R/C Cybertruck and a MaxTech 1:16 scale R/C Tesla Roadster. Once again, it wasn't even close. The Roadster simply didn't have the power to take on the big Cybertruck. They try it again giving the Roadster a little head start, but it still wasn't close. 

The final and most interesting race was between the big R/C Cybertruck and a full-size Model 3 Performance. The R/C Cybertruck launches much faster than the Model 3 and takes an early lead. It wasn't a full race for some reason, but the Model 3 would have overtaken the R/C Cybertruck if it was a real eighth- or quarter-mile race. Still, it's pretty impressive how fast the R/C Cybertruck takes off. 

If you want a 1:10 scale R/C Cybertruck, you will have to pay a lot more than the retail price of $400 because they are all sold out. Some who pre-ordered it last year have posted them for sale on marketplace sites like eBay for more than double or triple the price. 

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