Tesla Cybertruck deliveries are less than a year away but we have yet to see the electric truck’s final design. Fortunately, there is an animation of what the Cybertuck’s user interface (UI) could look like with a rendering of the Cybertruck. On top of that, the same person who shared the Cybertruck animations also shared what V11 of Tesla’s UI might look like. 

Who is the person responsible for these possible sneak peeks? Former Tesla UI designer Pawel Pietryka put the animations on his website. They have been taken down but not until after the Tesla community got a hold of them. Pietryka left Tesla back in March after working for the company for four and a half years. He was the head of the UI design team. Please keep in mind that we do not know if these are official Tesla animations or not. 


The animation above shows the center touchscreen and part of the center console. You also get a visual of what the UI’s greeting looks like when the Cybertruck is powered on and a rendering of the Cybertruck, which looks about the same. It also shows how it looks to toggle through the different height levels the air suspension provides and the navigation system’s design.

We should see the final design of the Cybertruck fairly soon but it’s hard to say as it keeps changing. Last month, Elon Musk said we will see the final design in Q2 of this year. The final design will likely be very similar to what the Cybertruck currently looks like. In February, Musk said the electric truck would shrink about 3 percent


We got to see some V11 features through the Holiday Update Tesla released at the of end 2020. The beginning of the above animation shows what FSD could look like when V11 of Tesla’s UI is ready. The continued development of FSD Beta could be the reason why V11 isn’t ready yet. Earlier this month, Musk said V9.0 of FSD Beta is almost ready

What’s interesting is when the video shows how to operate the sunroof on the UI. The sunroof is a discontinued Model S option. I wonder if it will make a comeback. 

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