Jeep is electrifying its range, like all other manufacturers, and one of the models it announced a plug-in hybrid variant of is the Grand Cherokee. We don’t know when the Grand Cherokee PHEV will reach US showrooms, but it is believed it could be revealed in the second part of the year and go on sale in Q3.

So far nothing has been confirmed about the plug-in version’s powertrain, but we believe Jeep is already using it in another model. If it’s the same as in the Wrangler 4xe (the first ever plug-in Wrangler), then it will be powered by a 2-liter four-cylinder turbo and a pair of electric motors whose combined output is 350 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. The battery pack in the Wrangler plug-in is pretty big, with a 17 kWh capacity, and it gives the off-roader a claimed 25 miles of pure-electric range.

TFLnow recently spotted what is probably a prototype testing technology for the upcoming production model. It appears to be a two-row model, so not the Grand Cherokee L, and we’re pretty sure it’s some kind of electrified vehicle because it pulls away silently. There’s still a visible tailpipe sticking out from under the rear bumper, but the engine certainly doesn’t start at any point in the video.

It is highly likely that the plug-in hybrid variant of the Grand Cherokee will be officially revealed along with the short-wheelbase version of the model. There is also a chance that the 4xe model will actually fully replace the diesel in the range - Stellantis has done this with other brands it has under its wing, and we believe the Gran Cherokee is next.

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