What if you didn't have to go round and round with your insurance company, not to mention some random collision repair shop that you may be forced to use? According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Tesla's goal is to handle both facets of car ownership in order to streamline the process.

As you are probably already aware, Tesla makes every attempt to handle a majority of its business and services in-house. It sells its cars direct to consumers, it produces its own seats, it has its own battery factory, it's starting to produce its own batteries, it handles its own service, and it's beginning to expand its own car insurance program.

With that said, if your Tesla is in a collision, you have to take it to a Tesla-approved collision repair shop, though Tesla is beginning to offer collision repairs at some of its service centers.

A recent tweet from Tesla owner, fan, and hardcore SpaceX enthusiast Everday Astronaut praised Tesla's mobile service, but pointed out after his Model 3 returned from an approved body shop, the side mirror wasn't working, and there was a "super loud whistle from the windshield." Fortunately, Tesla sent mobile repair out to quickly fix the issues.

CEO Elon Musk replied to the tweet stating that once Tesla builds up its collision repair service, it will help minimize such problems. Moreover, for folks who have Tesla's auto insurance, the two services could work hand in hand. Musk pointed out that insurance companies tend to make you go to an "approved" body shop, but with Tesla insurance, along with collision repair at a Tesla Service Center, it would be "smooth sailing."


You may also be aware that many Tesla owners wait weeks, and sometimes months, for collision repairs to be completed. There are issues with parts, body shops aren't always up-to-date on new issues with Tesla's vehicles or recent updates, etc. A few years back, Musk tweeted that Tesla is planning to bring "most collision repairs in-house."


Clearly, the whole in-house insurance and collision repair situation is taking time. These services are among a very long and growing list of Tesla's plans for the future. However, eventually, most Tesla owners will be able to insure their cars through Tesla and get them repaired at their local Tesla Service Center. This is yet another look at how the future may play out when it comes to vehicle ownership.

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