The Model Y makes self-driving look so easy in this video, although it can’t receive a full score.

Tesla is chiseling away at its AutoPilot project and it’s certainly made a lot of progress, at least based on the kinds of videos we see drivers posting. A year ago, AutoPilot seemed jittery and we’re sure it made the driver and passengers somewhat uneasy, but it seems to have come a long way, and it’s looking like quite a polished system now (even though it’s by no means finished).

If you check out this POV driving video by EV Dave, you would be forgiven for thinking it works almost flawlessly. Dave took a Model Y with AutoPilot enabled on some country backroads and the vehicle drove itself with minimal problems - there was one right-hand turn where the vehicle kissed the double yellow line, and it almost went into the other lane, but it still kept its lane even without the driver having to take control of the wheel.

The vehicle also did get a bit confused when it was faced with an intersection (where it had right of passage and didn’t have to yield). It wanted to brake all the way and stop (it actually looked like it applied the brakes quite suddenly, although it didn't look unsettled), but Dave gave the go pedal a prod and the Model Y just kept going.

Overall, Dave never disengaged the system or took over the controls at any point during the drive, so even if the run was not perfect, the Model Y self-drove very competently. We’ve seen AutoPilot perform slightly better or slightly worse than this in other videos, and while it’s clearly improving, we can also observe it’s not quite final yet.

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