Chris Anthony had already mentioned Aptera would take its cars to a drag strip. We were waiting for a drag race against other EVs or even combustion-engined cars that could match an electric car's acceleration. According to Aptera’s latest video, the Verona Drag Strips were actually used for testing. The Aptera CEO mentioned the company’s goal was to reach beta prototype production with the results.

Anthony said the Aptera was tested for speed, braking, and durability. The goal was to check how the Elaphe wheel hub motors would behave under intense stress, how stable the Aptera would be under hard braking. It was even under moose tests.


The alpha prototypes shakeout video revealed at least one drag race against a Chevy Bolt EV, but it was not complete. We suspect Aptera will either release a video of more drag races in the future or that it did not care to do them at this point until the Elaphe motors setup is fully settled.

Anthony said he was really happy about how the Aptera behaved even without a sway bar and a proper suspension tuning. The plan is to have that on the beta prototypes the company plans to produce soon.

It is fun to see the unusual way in which the Aptera burns rubber on the drag strip. In a given moment of the video, both the right front wheel and the rear wheel leave track marks on the ground due to the brisk acceleration Anthony said it could deliver. 

The executive expects them to improve even more with the Elaphe motors' fine-tuning and with Aptera’s “own battery technologies.” That gave us the impression that the current prototypes are still not using the battery pack that was developed for the Aptera. If the tests went well with a provisional solution, we hope the final setup makes the company executives even more satisfied.

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