We will probably never see a Volkswagen ID R for sale. Despite that, the MEB platform could probably give us a production supercar, and Gabriel Aguiar decided to show how it could like. The Brazilian rendering artist presented his suggestions to Volkswagen on his Instagram account.

All we know about the project is that it is called Alias SubD. The electric supercar is also very low, which should help it achieve high speeds and still have a decent range if the aerodynamics are well developed.

VW ID Electric Supercar Rendering Would Be Sweet If Turned Real

Considering it would be for sale, we like to think the Alias SubD could use the MEB. Although it is used by the modest ID.3 and ID.4, less mass could probably make it a very compelling machine to drive. The lower the weight, the farther it could travel and the faster it could accelerate.

As usual, the real issue with such a vehicle would be the low production scale it would probably have. There is an audience for such cars, but it is not as big as those searching for a hatchback (in Europe) or an SUV (everywhere). In that sense, the Alias SubD would only make sense as an expensive halo car.

Another option Volkswagen accepts to work with is to sell the MEB for low-volume manufacturers willing to create their electric cars. The company did that for multiple companies when it still produced the Beetle: its floorpan gave life to multiple projects worldwide apart from the Meyer Manx in the US.

That said, we would not find it strange to eventually see Aguiar’s creation driving around one of these days. It would require an automaker willing to make it happen. Sadly, Volkswagen would be very unlikely to be that manufacturer. Although their audience is relatively small, sports cars and supercars also deserve to see the daylight. Electric examples of such vehicles have already demonstrated how capable they can be. Perhaps Project Trinity will make something like this happen with the SSP.

Gallery: VW ID Electric Supercar Rendering Would Be Sweet If Turned Real

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