The Kilowatts are at it again! Oh wait, it appears they never stopped. These guys are out on a mission to capture spy shots and video of a wide assortment of electric cars, as well as every EV-related topic or event they can find. However, they tend to focus on prototypes and pre-production vehicles.

In just a single day, The Kilowatts achieved what they called the "first ever EV Prototype Grand Slam." They captured the Tesla Semi, Rivian R1T, and refreshed Model S and Model X all in the same day. 


In this article, we're focusing on the upcoming Tesla Semi, which can't possibly come to market soon enough. If you see a semi-truck coming toward you, you can probably imagine the ridiculously loud operation and the terrible smell. Thankfully, the Tesla Semi is a different beast.

There are many reasons we need to convert all vehicles to electric powertrains. However, the thought of never having to listen to or smell a diesel-powered semi in the future is something we couldn't be more excited about. As reported by Teslarati, based on the images captured by The Kilowatts

"Tesla’s updated Semi prototype has been sighted with a full wind deflector setup while it was conducting road tests around the Fremont Factory. Videos taken of the massive vehicle highlight just how eerily silent the Tesla Semi could be when it is operating."

The publication, among others, suggests that the Tesla Semi may be coming to market soon since Tesla has obviously made some notable updates recently. Check out the tweet below, and listen carefully. 


Go ahead, turn up your speakers. You're not going to hear much of anything aside from the tires grabbing at the pavement. If you were lucky enough to be nearby, you also wouldn't smell a thing. That is ... until the approaching ICE semi passed you by.


When do you think Tesla will officially bring its all-electric Semi to market? It's past due, and people are waiting and wondering. The sooner the Tesla Semi comes to market, the sooner we can start guessing at a launch date for the Tesla Cybertruck. Leave us your wisdom in the comment section below.

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