Well known tech YouTuber and Tesla owner, Andy Slye, has been driving his Model 3 for almost 75,000 miles and over three years now. He has made a video looking at how much it’s cost him to keep it running perfectly (especially after the warranty ran out); the video should be of particular interest to anyone looking to buy a used Model 3, as it highlights some common problems you could expect picking up a used example with no warranty.

Electric cars have considerably fewer moving parts and fluids compared to a conventional ICE vehicle, so many people are looking to switch to an EV in order to pay less money to maintain it over time. And while that is certainly true in principle, Teslas are known for an abundance of minor faults that can unexpectedly pop up over time, and if the car is out of warranty, you’ll have to cover replacement or repair costs.

Andy points out that he had to pay for window buttons that were sticking, then he lost LTE connectivity (for the second time), the charge port door stopped opening and closing on its own and, most recently, the driver’s seat occupancy sensor seems to be faulty, causing all kind of related problems (at least that's what he thinks is the problem; he's yet to actually have it pinpointed).

So nothing major failed and needed to be replaced, but Andy still ended up paying $1,471 out of pocket. This doesn’t include the latest issue he’s had (which may or may not be related to the seat occupancy sensor), a problem that has yet to be properly diagnosed.

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