In case you're wondering how much faster the more powerful Model Y is.

YouTubers like to pit Teslas against all kinds of vehicles to see who is faster in a race. We've seen Teslas go up against supercars, trucks, muscle cars, and much more. However, a Tesla versus Tesla race isn't as common. The race above might not be the most entertaining but it shows how much quicker a higher spec Tesla is. 

TheTopher, an automotive YouTube channel, got a Model Y Standard Range (single motor, rear drive) and a Model Y Long Range (dual motor, all-wheel drive) and took them to the M1 Concourse racetrack in Pontiac, Michigan. 

Tesla Model Y Standard Range vs Model Y Long Range race at 60 mph
The difference at 60 mph.

At the track, they did what the presenter said was a quarter-mile drag race (although I didn't see any finish line markings) and a 0-60 mph race. The results are as expected, the more powerful Long Range model easily won each race. Both Model Ys have good traction off the line, making the drag race all about power. Something that's usually unclear with Teslas.

Tesla likes to advertise how fast their EVs are but rarely show horsepower or torque figures on either the consumer or press sites. Although the testing team at MotorTrend estimates that the Long Range model has 384 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque, but it's difficult to find any power information on the Standard Range model from a reputable source. However, considering that the Performance model has 456 hp (MotorTrend estimate), we estimate the Model Y Standard Range puts out about 300 hp. These are just estimates because Tesla can adjust power output levels with OTA updates. 

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