As you may be aware, Volkswagen – as well as other legacy automakers – has been struggling with software issues related to its new I.D. family of electric cars. VW Group boss Herbert Diess is clearly aware that something needs to change, and quickly, especially if it is going to compete with Tesla going forward.

During a recent meeting with his team, Diess said VW must develop its own in-house software to solve problems and move forward. Third-party software solutions, while potentially a decent temporary band-aid, simply won't cut it, according to Diess. He shared via Teslarati:

“If we want to retain our independence, we have to be able to develop the software in the car ourselves. This is the only way for us to guarantee long-term success.”

VW's ID.4 all-electric crossover has been test-driven by a host of reviewers, including some on our team here at InsideEVs. It seems the general consensus is it's a fantastic electric crossover, but the infotainment system is laggy and has multiple issues. VW has said a software update will correct the problem, but it seems Diess has much bigger plans.

As Volkswagen moves forward with a long list of future EVs, it can't have a repeat of what happened with ID.3 and ID.4 related to delays, mostly attributed to software concerns. If this continues to plague the automaker, people will quickly grow tired of taking delivery of "unfinished" products.

With all of that said, we're excited to share Diess' views on the situation. He has credited Tesla and Elon Musk in the past, and while his companies compete with Tesla, he seems willing to look to the Silicon Valley automaker's strengths to decide whether VW Group should follow suit.

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