We already saw a lot of U.S. reviews of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, but here is an in-depth one from Germany. Let's take a look at Autogefühl's insights.

The all-electric Ford does not disappoint. It's quick, agile, sporty and fun to drive. Maybe only the steering wheel could offer a bit more feel for better connection between the driver and the road. Autogefühl calls it "too artificial." At higher speeds, the noise level seems comparable to Teslas.

Because of the upwards seating position, silence and comfortable ride, it could even be treated as a cruiser.

There are not many comments on the interior as passenger space, trunk/frunk capacity is good. The infotainment system still has some glitches and could be better here and there, but is a big step forward compared to Ford's previous systems.

The conclusion is that Ford Mustang Mach-E offers a lot at a price noticeably lower than for the electric crossover/USVs from premium brands, which might be key to it becoming successful.

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