We should prepare ourselves for cars’ shapes to change as more and more EVs arrive on the scene. With no big engine in the front, automakers can use more of a car’s wheelbase for the passenger compartment and this means cars will have more room inside than ICE vehicles of comparable size.


This is perfectly illustrated if we compare the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS with the recently launched S-Class. Even though they are roughly the same size, the EQS has radically different proportions - front and rear sections are short and stubby and, honestly, it looks like an oversized front-wheel drive hatchback (it actually is a hatchback, not a traditional sedan).

In these photos we found on the MB Passion blog, the EQS can be seen with its greenhouse and doors completely unobstructed by camouflage - this is our best look yet at the EQS and we’ll refrain from casting judgment on its aesthetic qualities until we get to see it fully uncovered. One thing’s certain, it will take some getting used to, particularly since the gas-burning equivalent S-Class has the classic long hood that hides a longitudinally-mounted engine.

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We don’t have long to wait, though, as the EQS is on track to be revealed before 2021 is over. It will reportedly offer up to 435 mile (700 km) of WLTP range and there will also be a hot AMG variant which will have in excess of 600 horsepower. Mercedes will also launch an EQS SUV, although it will probably not be as quick or efficient as the sedan - its range will also be a bit lower too.

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