We see and share plenty of Tesla videos online claiming amazing Autopilot saves and terrible Autopilot fails. Sometimes, it's clear that the advanced driver-assistance technology is engaged, but often, we have no way of knowing.

If the video comes from inside the car, we may be able to see the touch screen and hear the Autopilot sounds and warnings. If the video is taken from the outside, there's really no way to know, aside from trusting the video uploader. This means there are droves of Tesla Autopilot videos online that could be misleading.

As you can see from this recent, very brief video, the Tesla makes a quick, last-minute maneuver to avoid rear-ending one car, and potentially avoids getting rear-ended by another. This situation could have easily resulted in a multi-car pileup, but the agile Tesla slides out of harm's way.

We would like to say that the driver did a fantastic job here. However, the video uploader credits Tesla Autopilot for the human-like, defensive driving maneuver. In fact, the title reads, "Tesla's autopilot knows how to escape from an accident. Tesla news."

We know many Tesla fans and owners read these articles. Since I don't drive a Tesla, and have almost zero experience driving or riding in a Tesla on Autopilot, we have some questions for the Tesla owners reading here.

How capable is Tesla Autopilot? Can it make crazy, last-minute maneuvers to help avoid a potential accident from the front and the rear? Do you think the driver took over at precisely the right time?

To take this all a step further, is Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta system capable of this level of accident avoidance? Fill us in with your insight in the comment section below.

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