Even though Ford says its benchmark during the development of the Mustang Mach-E was, in fact, the Porsche Macan, it will still undeniably be cross-shopped against the Tesla Model Y. And in that company, CarGurus discovered the Tesla has a popularity advantage over the Ford.

CarGurus ran a poll in January, asking some 500 people who were actively looking to buy a new car which they would rather own and discovered 31 percent of those questioned would go for a Model Y, 23.8 percent would pick the Mach-E and 45.2 percent would choose neither model. This doesn’t come as a shock, to be honest, because the Model Y has been garnering a lot of praise ever since it was launched - the Mach-E also has positive reviews, but they are not quite as positive as the Tesla’s.

Even so, the fact that Ford’s first real attempt at a mass market electric vehicle is actually genuinely competitive against the best electric crossover in the business is credit to the Blue Oval. And the decision to name it Mustang, while controversial and still not sitting well with many pony car fans, was key to it gaining notoriety quickly; had it been name something else, it would have probably been a more anonymous, less talked about vehicle.

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