Tesla Opens First Showroom In Poland, Will Add More Superchargers

Poland is a huge market with great incentives for EVs and massive potential for Tesla.

Tesla has been far more interested in selling its electric cars in the richer western part of Europe and it’s a plan that’s been paying off. However, there is a whole other (more central-eastern) part of the continent that it hasn’t really given that much attention to, where markets such as Poland have huge potential for sales.

Well, that has now changed with the opening of the first official Tesla showroom in Poland. It is located just outside the capital, Warsaw, and while it does currently operate as a showroom and one service center, it is believed Tesla intends to turn the former into a multipurpose facility like others it already has elsewhere in Europe (the one in Hamburg, Germany is a good example).

Polish Tesla drivers also take advantage of the largest Supercharger networks in any central-eastern European country. There are currently 8 Superchargers up and running and while that doesn’t sound like much, it is more than in other similar countries on the Old Continent and another three are listed as ‘ coming soon ‘ on the manufacturer’s official site.

As on other European markets, it looks like Tesla will only sell the Model 3, Model S and Model X. It won’t import the Model Y from elsewhere and it will eventually be made available once it goes into production at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany which is still under construction.

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