Since you can’t really improve the performance of your Tesla, unless you hack it and anger Elon in the process, many owners simply resort to cosmetic mods to help their vehicle feel special. One of the most popular modifications that has the biggest visual impact is a wrap - the crazier and more outlandish it is, the more the car will pop.

And few wraps make a car more obvious than chrome wraps - this is allegedly the world’s first chrome-wrapped Tesla Roadster and, we have to say, it’s quite striking. We won’t cast judgment on its visual merits, but you will certainly notice it if it ever drives by.

What makes this particular Roadster customization job special is that the owner wanted it even more unique and had LED-illuminated acrylic glass panels added in place of the firewall (behind the seats), as well as on the Power Electronics Module (PEM) to show more of the car’s inner workings.

Not sure how that all comes together and how all the mods affect the look of the Roadster? Well, Check out the video above to see if you like what they’ve done or not. It’s certainly a very polarizing way to alter a Roadster, so we’re curious what you think about it.

All the modifications were done by Gruber Motor Company, operating out of Phoenix, Arizona.

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