The crew is at it again. This time, they've gotten ahold of a Polestar 1 to flog for the 2-mile length of its track, nestled in the hills of North Carolina. 

Now, in case you're unfamiliar with it, the Polestar 1 is the first vehicle produced by the brand that Volvo created to sell electric vehicles. Ironically, and unlike all the other vehicles Polestar plans to produce, it is not fully electric. Rather, this $155,000 (base) coupe relies on a 2-liter engine that's both turbocharged and supercharged to power its front wheels with as much as 300 horsepower.

Meanwhile, each back wheel gets its own 116-horsepower electric motor. A third electric motor – the Integrated Starter Generator – provides an additional 68 ponies bringing the output total up to 600 hp. The torque is, of course, plentiful, topping out at 738 pound-feet. 

How does all this translate to track performance? Pretty well, considering this is more of a grand tourer than a track car. Besides bearing a weighty powertrain, it also boasts a 34-kWh battery pack. While this helps it achieve 52 EPA-rated electric miles, it doesn't make for a svelte curb weight. This sports car tips the scale at 5,169 pounds.

Despite the complicated powertrain and the need for a diet, the Polestar 1 acquits itself quite well, boring its way deep into the heart of the test driver, Kyle Conner. There's little spin as it leaves the start line and manages to crest 100 miles per hour before the first turn.

As it makes its way around the course, with its adjustable Öhlins suspension about halfway between its softest and hardest setting, is put to the test. The body lean is noticeable on video, but it doesn't seem to bother Conner. While it may not be the flattest in the turns, it turns out to be well-balanced.

Once the lap is done, it's time to see how it stacks up against the other vehicles that have been put through the One-Lap wringer. It scored a time of 1:46:00 which is good enough to launch it almost to the top of the heap. Currently, the only thing quicker to go around the course has been a Pikes Peak-prepared Tesla Model 3 Performance

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