Lion Electric and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) specialist Nuvve announced collaboration on V2G-enabled electric school buses and trucks.

The plan is to offer V2G technology as a standard feature on Lion school buses. As the vehicles often stay idle during the day, they might be utilized as energy storage on wheels, to support the grid during peak demand periods.

The key solution to make it happen (besides the V2G-enabled vehicles) is an aggregation platform, to mediate between the vehicles in a particular area and the grid. Nuvve has been working on its system for over 10 years.

"With this collaboration, Lion’s buses and Nuvve’s V2G technology will be fully integrated, which will enable the batteries of Lion vehicles to dynamically store and discharge energy when plugged in and controlled by Nuvve’s software platform."

"Nuvve and Lion have already partnered on key projects demonstrating the feasibility of V2G for school districts and utilities in California and New York. A joint project in White Plains, NY is currently in operation with bidirectional power flow."

Lion's lineup currently includes LionC and LionD school buses, recently launched LionA mini school bus, and several electric trucks. Seven models in total (to be 11 in 2021):

Marc Bédard, CEO and Founder of Lion Electric said:

“We have been designing around V2G implementation on our platforms so as to provide our customers with the most advanced technology currently available. Nuvve brings its cutting edge and experienced aggregation platform to complement our robust product offering, giving our customers added value in the process.”

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