China forced Tesla to recall thousands of Model S units due to a suspension arm failure, but the company denied there was anything wrong with them. For the US, it will also recall some cars due to suspension problems, but not the Model S. It is the Model Y instead. And the Model X also has issues, but on the roof trim.

According to what the company told NHTSA, it discovered that 9,136 2016 Model X cars could lose their roof trims while the cars are driving. The issue was apparently caused because of a gluing error.

Instead of first applying primer to stick the front and spine roof trim in place, Tesla did not do that. This could cause the roof trim to detach in motion, which could lead to accidents. A situation in September would have prompted the recall.

The second recall involves 401 Model Y units, all of them of the 2020 model year. The bolts connecting the front upper control arm and the steering knuckle would not have been screwed with the correct torque and could go loose, detaching the upper control arm from the steering knuckle. There is no information if that could compromise vehicle control, but it seems to be the logical conclusion.

This is not the first situation involving the Model Y suspension. Back on September 2, 2020, we reported that some units had issues with their lower ball joint nuts, also likely caused by insufficient torque in tightening.

The Model Y problem came to Tesla’s attention after three car repairs showed the upper control arm was separated from the steering knuckle. The company claims that no crashes or injuries related to any of the causes for these two recalls have been reported.

Source: Automotive News 

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