Mixing up the pedals, and pressing the accelerator instead of the brake can lead to a bad situation in any car, but in one that delivers lots of power instantly, like a Porsche Taycan, you could do a lot of damage. And, to make matters worse, if your pedal mixup happens on a steep driveway with a drop on one side, you could end up atop another parked car.

That last sentence was a bit specific but it describes what happened in this video. You can see the Taycan pulling up to the entrance of a house somewhere in the United Kingdom (judging by the style of the buildings and the right-hand drive cars) and the driver brings the car to a complete stop on the driveway.

However, almost immediately after the car becomes stationary, the car shoots off to the right, it hits one parked vehicle (possibly a Renault Scenic) and lands on top of another, a blue BMW 1 Series. We really have no idea what happened, which is why we’re suspecting the pedal mixup scenario is the most plausible.

Does this video conjure up fears of driving on narrow driveways with sheer drops too close for comfort? This car’s driver will definitely pay a lot more attention next time not only because the crashes and fall must have been scary from inside the car, but also due to the predictably high repair bill that this will incur.

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