Tesla Applies New Model 3 Features To Model Y

Both cars are getting similar equipment and features now.

After the latest update of the Tesla Model 3, which received several features from the Model Y (including chrome delete, power trunk and heat pump), now also the Model Y is getting new things from Model 3.

According to Chad Smavatkul (via Electrek), who recently took delivery of a new Model Y, the car is now equipped with auto-dimming side mirrors, new silver scroll buttons on the steering wheel and laminated window glass.

The car also has a USB port in the glovebox and a Tesla-branded storage device to record images from the cameras.

However, not everything is the same. A surprising thing is that the piano-black console (replaced in the refreshed Model 3 with a new less flashy one) is still unchanged.

Our guess is that it's a matter of time when all the changes will be applied, as there is no point to keep two different versions.

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