Back at the start of 2020, when we were all hoping the year would be a fruitful one not ridden by a global pandemic, Tesla announced that it had set a target of delivering 500,000 vehicles by year’s end. This was changed in July, after the pandemic began to take its toll, and it looked like the target was going to be missed.

Until the end of September, Tesla had sold 318,350 vehicles, which was quite a bit lower than what it achieved in 2019 with record-setting Q3 sales - at the end of Q3 2019, the automaker had already sold 367,656 vehicles, so 2020 didn’t look like it will beat last year.

Well, now we have news that Tesla has ramped up production of the Model 3 at its Shanghai factory and this could help achieve the 500,000 planned deliveries in 2020. The information comes from Wu Wa, a local drone pilot with a YouTube channel, who says the production target for November is 5,700 cars per week.

And this increase in production was also seen in October, when Giga Shanghai produced 22,900 cars (exceeding the projected 22,400 cars that they were supposed to build). So if the Chinese plant keeps churning out Model 3s as quickly as it is, by year’s end they will have added almost 70,000 vehicle’s to Tesla’s global tally, and it should help the manufacturer inch closer to its 500,000 deliveries goal for this year.

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