YouTuber Bearded Tesla Guy decided to hook up his travel trailer to his Tesla Model Y to find out what it's like. Of course, it wasn't just as simple as hooking up the camper and hitting the road. Instead, first, he had to get the Tesla tow hitch installed. It was also critical to make sure he had the right equipment for the job.

Bearded Tesla Guy reminds us just how important it is to understand a vehicle's towing capacity, plan ahead, and get the right equipment to not only have success with towing, but also to assure that your vehicle remains in tip-top shape. He says he used a weight distribution hitch, sway bar, and brake controller.

The travel trailer weighs just over 3,000 pounds, which made it difficult to limit luggage and gear and still remain within the Model Y's official 3,500-pound maximum towing capacity. However, they were able to pull it off and hit the road for their first Tesla camping trip. Needless to say, they learned a lot that's well-worth sharing.

Overall, there were no issues towing the camper. In fact, EVs like the Tesla Model Y make towing a breeze due to their instant torque, smooth acceleration, and well-balanced center of gravity. With that said, the impact on range can be significant. Moreover, it's not just the weight of the trailer that matters most, but its size and aerodynamics as well.

We recently shared information with you from our friends over at All Electric Family. They had much success towing an Airstream, but their smaller, lightweight Apex camper sucked lots of range out of their Tesla Model X.

Bearded Tesla Guy wraps things up with some valuable information about charging a Tesla while camping. Check out the video for all the details. Then, leave us your wisdom in the comment section below.

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