With the Vision E, what Porsche tried to create is an electric racing car with the performance characteristics of a a Formula E car. The twist is it’s not actually envisioned as part of the Formula E championship, or any championship for that matter, because its sole purpose is to enter the world of customer motorsport and allow private individuals to have a battery-powered track-only toy.

Gallery: Porsche Vision E

Porsche doesn’t really go into the specifics of exactly how much power it has or how quick it is, but it does mention that the Vision E has

‘ Been designed as a radically lightweight, single-seater race car for the race track. With its central seat position and 800-volt technology, it would without doubt offer privateer drivers an otherwise unattainable driving experience. ‘

Even though the Vision E is theoretically related to Porsche’s actual Formula E car, the 99X, it sadly is not a fully functional prototype. In fact, Porsche calls it a 1:1 scale model, which probably means it can’t even move around under its own power.

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