The John Cooper Works (JCW) name has always designated the very hottest and quickest MINI models, but it will apparently gain new meaning in the near future. According to a recent report, the BMW-owned automaker is reportedly going to shift the focus of the JCW brand more towards electrification.

It will still be a performance designation, but AutoExpress reports that not only will JCW stand for electrification, but it will become its own sub-brand that may even have unique, dedicated models. The source quotes MINI boss, Bernd Körber, as saying

‘ The next phase of our portfolio is also about the next generation of John Cooper Works. The perception, I would say, when you look at John Cooper Works, it’s not the perception of a full-blown sub-brand. People very often perceive it as our top model or performance model. What we would like to do is make John Cooper Works a real electric performance brand. ‘

There apparently won’t be any dedicated JCW models before 2024, but the plan is apparently to make a three-door hatchback, a compact electric crossover and a bigger variant of Countryman. It’s not clear if these models will be hybrids or fully electric, but what they will be is reengineered versions of existing MINI models.

Currently, only around 5 percent of all MINIs sold are JCW models, and by making it a standalone sub-brand, the company intends to make it more visible and attractive to buyers; the goal is to sell more JCW-branded cars and company execs believe that adding electrification into the mix, along with its focus on performance, will help with sales.

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